Vmap 1

Plant Genetics Lab

VMap 1.0

We developed a high-density genetic variation map (VMap 1.0) of wheat by whole-genome sequencing of all species of AA, AABB and AABBDD genomes within the genus Triticum, and the progenitor of D subgenome of bread wheat, Aegilops. tasuschii. This collection consisted of Triticum species from a wide range of taxonomic groups, geographic distribution, and ploidy levels. A total of 414 accessions of 5 species, 25 subspecies from 71 countries were collected, including 91 diploid Triticum accessions (AA taxa), 30 diploid Ae. tauschii accessions (DD taxa), 121 tetraploid accessions (AABB taxa), and 172 hexaploid accessions (AABBDD taxa). VMap 1.0 will be very useful to wheat genetic study and breeding.


Zhou, Y., Zhao, X., Li, Y. et al. Triticum population sequencing provides insights into wheat adaptation. Nat Genet (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41588-020-00722-w


The raw sequence data were deposited in the Sequence Read Archive ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sra) under accession numbers PRJNA439156 and PRJNA663409. The raw sequence data were also deposited in the Genome Sequence Archive (https://bigd.big.ac.cn/gsa) under accession number CRA001951.

The genotype data from VMap 1.0 are publicly available at the Genome Variation Map( https://bigd.big.ac.cn/gvm) under accession number GVM000082.


The genome browser of VMap 1.0 can be accessed from here.