Plant Genetics Lab

Journal Club

The Journal Club is a regular gathering held every Friday afternoon to share and discuss the latest scientific paper found in a research journal. One member of the LuLab should prepare the presentation of the chosen paper, including the background, experimental design, results, and summary. During the meeting, attendees are encouraged to speak out their thoughts once confusion is rising in their heads, just like critiquing the methods or bringing a healthy amount of skepticism to the results. The Journal Club can help each member expand the outlook of what is happening in the world of the different research fields while motivating creative research plans and directions.


The Forum is a good platform that researchers can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular issue. In Lu lab, members are divided into three groups according to their research interests, and each group organizes the forum once a week. The Forum's theme is widely related to population genetics, genomics, evolution biology, also biotechnology. We sincerely invite anyone in any research field to join us!